Walter Lantz (filmografia II)


Filmografia de todos os desenhos de Walter Latz

1932 - Grandma's Pet, Mechanical Man, Wins Out, Beau and Arrows, Making Good, Let's Eat, The Winged Horse, Cat Nipped, A Wet Knight, A Jungle Jumble, Day Nurse, The Busy Barber, Carnival Capers, Wild and Woolly, Teacher's Pests

1933 - The Plumber, The Shriek, Going to Blazes, Beau Best, Ham and Eggs, Confidence, Five and Dime, The Zoo, The Merry Old Soul

1934 - Chicken Reel, The Candy House, The County Fair, The Toy Shoppe, Kings Up, Wolf! Wolf!, The Ginger Bread Boy, Goldielocks and the Three Bears, Annie Moved Away, The Wax Works, William Tell, Chris Columbus Jr., The Dizzy Dwarf, Ye Happy Pilgrims, Sky Larks, Spring in the Park, Toyland Premiere

1935 - Robinson Crusoe Isle, The Hillbilly, Two Little Lambs, Do A Good Deed, Elmer the Great Dane, Towne Hall Follies, At Your Service, Bronco Buster, Amateur Broadcast, The Quail Hunt, Monkey Wretches, Case of the Lost Sheep, Doctor Oswald

1936 - Soft Ball Game, Alaska Sweepstakes, Slumberland Express, Beauty Shoppe, The Barnyard Five, Fun House, Farming Fools, Battle Royal, Music Hath Charms, Kiddie Revue, Beach Combers, Night Life of the Bugs, Puppet Show, The Unpopular Mechanic, Gopher Trouble

1937 - Everybody Sing, Duck Hunt, The Birthday Party, Trailer Thrills, The Wily Weasel, The Playful Pup, Lovesick, Keeper of the Lions, The Mechanical Handy Man, Football Fever, The Mysterious Jug, The Dumb Cluck

1938 - The Lamp Lighter, Man Hunt, Yokel Boy Makes Good, Trade Mice, Feed the Kitty, Happy Scouts

1943 - The Egg-Cracker Suite

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