Walter Lantz (filmografia I)

Filmografia de todos os desenhos de Walter Latz

1927 (Disney) - Trolley Troubles, Oh Teacher!, The Mechanical Cow, Great Guns!, All Wet, The Ocean Hop, The Banker's Daughter, Empty Socks, Rickety Gin

1928 (Disney) - Harem Scarem, Neck 'n' Neck, The Ol' Swimmin' 'Ole, Africa Before Dark, Rival Romeos, Bright Lights, Sagebrush Sadie, Ride 'Em Plowboy!, Ozzie of the Mounted, Hungry Hoboes, Oh What a Knight!, Poor Papa (pilot), The Fox Chase, Tall Timber, Sleigh Bells, Hot Dog, Sky Scrappers

1928 (Winkler) - High Up, Mississippi Mud, Panicky Pancakes, Fiery Fireman, Rocks and Socks, South Pole Flight, Bull-Oney, A Horse Tail, Farmyard Follies

1929 (Winkler) - Homeless Homer, Yanky Clippers, Hen Fruit, Sick Cylinders, Hold 'em Ozzie, The Suicide Sheik, Alpine Antics, The Lumberjack, The Fishing Fool, Stage Stunts, Stripes and Stars, The Wicked West, Ice Man's Luck, Nuts and Jolts, Jungle Jingles, Weary Willies, Saucy Sausages

1929 - Race Riot, Oil's Well, Permanent Wave, Cold Turkey, Pussy Willie, Amature Nite, Hurdy Gurdy, Snow Use, Nutty Notes, Ozzie of the Circus

1930 - Kounty Fair, Chilly Con Carmen, Kisses and Kurses, Broadway Folly, Bowery Bimbos, The Hash Shop, The Prison Panic, Tramping Tramps, Hot for Hollywood, Hells Heels, My Pal Paul, Not So Quiet, Spooks, Cold Feet, Snappy Salesman, Henpecked, The Singing Sap, The Detective, The Fowl Ball, The Navy, Mexico, Africa, Alaska, Mars

1931 - China, College, Shipwreck, The Farmer, The Fireman, Sunny South, Country School, The Bandmaster, Northwoods, The Stone Age, Radio Rhythm, Kentucky Belles, Hot Feet, The Hunter, Wonderland, The Hare Mail, The Fisherman, The Clown


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