Pica-Pau (filmografia 2)


1955 - Helter Shelter, Witch Crafty, Private Eye Pooch, Bedtime Bedlam, Square Shootin' Square, Bunco Busters, The Tree Medic
1956 - After the Ball, Get Lost, Chief Charlie Horse, Woodpecker from Mars, Calling All Cuckoos, Niagara Fools, Arts and Flowers, Woody Meets Davy Crewcut
1957 - Red Riding Hoodlum, Box Car Bandit, The Unbearable Salesman, International Woodpecker, To Catch a Woodpecker, Round Trip to Mars, Dopey Dick the Pink Whale, Fodder and Son
1958 - Misguided Missile, Watch the Birdie, Half Empty Saddles, His Better Elf, Everglade Raid, Tree's a Crowd, Jittery Jester
1959 - Tomcat Combat, Log Jammed, Panhandle Scandal, Woodpecker in the Moon, The Tee Bird, Romp in a Swamp, Kiddie League
1960 - Billion Dollar Boner, Pistol Packin' Woodpecker, Heap Big Hepcat, Ballyhooey, How to Stuff a Woodpecker, Bats in the Belfry, Ozark Lark, Southern Fried Hospitality, Fowled Up Falcon
1961 - Poop Deck Pirate, The Bird Who Came to Dinner, Gabby's Diner, Sufferin' Cats, Franken-stymied, Busman's Holiday, Phantom of the Horse Opera, Woody's Kook-Out
1962 - Home Sweet Homewrecker, Rock-a-Bye Gator, Room and Bored, Rocket Racket, Careless Caretaker, Tragic Magic, Voo-Doo Boo-Boo, Crowin' Pains, Little Woody Riding Hood
1963 - Greedy Gabby Gator, Robin Hoody Woody, Stowaway Woody, The Shutter Bug, Coy Decoy, The Tenant's Racket, Short in the Saddle, Tepee for Two, Science Friction, Calling Dr. Woodpecker
1964 - Dumb Like a Fox, Saddle Sore Woody, Woody's Clip Joint, Skinfolks, Get Lost! Little Doggy, Freeway Fracas, Roamin' Roman
1965 - Three Little Woodpeckers, Woodpecker Wanted, Birds of a Feather, Canned Dog Feud, Janie Get Your Gun, Sioux Me, What's Peckin'
1966 - Rough Riding Hood, Lonesome Ranger, Woody and the Beanstalk, Hassle in a Castle, The Big Bite, Astronut Woody, Practical Yoke, Monster of Ceremonies
1967 - Sissy Sheriff, Have Gun, Can't Travel, The Nautical Nut, Hot Diggity Dog, Horse Play, Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker
1968 - Lotsa Luck, Fat in the Saddle, Feudin Fightin-N-Fussin, Peck of Trouble, A Lad in Bagdad, One Horse Town, Woody the Freeloader
1969 - Hook Line and Stinker, Little Skeeter, Woody's Knight Mare, Tumble Weed Greed, Ship A'hoy Woody, Prehistoric Super Salesman, Phoney Pony
1970 - Seal on the Loose, Wild Bill Hiccup, Coo Coo Nuts, Hi-Rise Wise Guys, Buster's Last Stand, All Hams on Deck, Flim Flam Fountain
1971 - Sleepy Time Chimes, The Reluctant Recruit, How to Trap a Woodpecker, Woody's Magic Touch, Kitty from The City, The Snoozin' Bruin, Shanghai Woody
1972 - Indian Corn, Gold Diggin' Woodpecker, Pecking Holes in Poles, Chili Con Corny, Show Biz Beagle, For the Love of Pizza, The Genie with the Light Touch, Bye, Bye, Blackboard

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Anônimo disse...

Sempre gostei dos desenhos do Pica-Pau. Recentemente, fui em busca dos "curtas". Todos os sites que encontrei dizem existir 198 curtas. Creio que houve um equívoco, pois na real são 197.
Um curta recebeu indevidamente uma vírgula em seu título: O "Have Gun, Can't Travel (Paladino do Oeste) - n. 156.
Parabéns pelo blog!

México McVilla disse...

Visite Duelos e Peleias!
Essa seman com uma disputa pica-paulesca!

junior disse...

Estava no orkut viajando nesses desenhos retros e achei este blog depois de procurar no google para saber mais do Pica Pau.
Parabéns pela organização.
Tenho uma dúvida: Depois do último episódio, nunca mais houve nenhum desenho do pica pau? Pq?

Abs e continue assim!

Pica-Pau, Walter Lantz, Chilly Willy, Andy Panda, Zeca Urubu, Zé Jacaré, Meany Ranheta, Leôncio, Toquinho, Lasquita, Inspetor Willoughby, Picolino, Smedley, Professor Dingledong, Família Urso, Turma do Pica-Pau, Show do Pica-Pau, Woody Woodpecker, Pica-Pau Maluco, Passarinho mais maluco da TV.

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